ÅSE FAGERVIK, Norwegian artist. Born 1968.
Technique: Acrylic paint
Characterisitic: Abstract motif.

Group exhibitions:
2020 CANNES, France. International Fine Art Cannes Biennale. May 2020. (upcoming…)
2019 Carrousel de LOUVRE, France oct 2019

2019 Gallery 104, Manhattan, New York, «DEVINE», July 2019
2019 NewYorkArt Gallery/NYA gallery «HEAL», May 2019
2019 NewYorkArt gallery/NYA gallery, «Chosen artist for the Grand opening of NYA Gallery», March 2019
2018 Galleri Kanalen, Trondheim
2017 Trondhjems Kunstforening, juried artshow
2016 Galleri Sirkus, Trondheim
2015 Trondhjems Kunstforening, juried artshow
2015 Høstutstillingen, Regimentboligen, Steinkjer
2015 Bryggeutstillinga, Råkvåg
2015 Bakklandet Ramme og Kunst AS, Trondheim
2014 Galleri Inn, Steinkjer
2014 Skjelvågendagan, Inderøy (main exhibitor)
2014 Galleri Oluf – Trondheim
2013 Galleri Oluf – Trondheim

Solo exhibitions:
2019 Klostergården, Tautra (17.7 – 11.8)
2018 Akron Gallery, Trondheim
2018 Smile, Stjørdal
2017 Galleri Mølla. Melhus
2017 Dromedar, Trondheim
2017 Venneshamn landhandlermuseum, Mosvik
2016 Galleri Sirkus, Trondheim
2016 Dalype Galleri, Oslo
2015 Galleri Sirkus, Trondheim
2015 Dampsaga Kulturhus, Steinkjer
2015 Inderøy Kulturhus, Inderøy
2015 Ringve Museum, Trondheim
2014 Inderøy Landhandleri, Inderøy
2014 Galleri Lilje, Trondheim
2014 Trondheim Folkebibliotek, Trondheim
2013 Inderøy Landhandleri, Inderøy
2012 Bodybar – Trondheim
2011 / 2012 Rissa Hotell

Online collaborations:
Gallery 104, Manhattan, New York
LagunaART, California

Gallery partnership:
2018-2019 Partner and residential artist in a co op gallery, Akron Gallery

Fair booth:
2018 Martna, Trondheim
2017 Midtsand, Christmas event
2016 Midtsand, Christmas event

Public procurement:
2014 Steinkjer Kommune –permenant installation of artwork, Kvam skole.

Diverse procurement:
2018 Bama Dagligvare AS – Purchase of several artworks
2016 NATO’s HQ, Brussles – One of her Artworks was purchased as a gift, in honor to General Robert Mood
2015 TeeKay Petrojarl –  Purchase of several artworks for the companies Art club.
2014 Toppen Tannhelsesenter – Purchase of artwork for permenant instillation

Charitable works:
It is very important for her to give something back, so regularly she hosts giveaways to different occassions and organisations. ‘’All and any contributions are important.’’
2018 Kirkens Bymisjon – numbered artprint
2018 Gjengen i ryggen – numbered artprint
2018 Lade Menighet – ”Spirit” scarf
2017 Football team RIL – numbered artprint
2016 Veteraner hjelper veteraner – numbered artprint

2015 Arranged a large concert and auctioned an original paiting with all proceeds being donated to Cancer society.


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