A small contribution, can make a big difference …

Through art, I have had so many opportunities to give something to others, to give from the heart, and I receive so many stories about what my art is doing for people, that it gives healing and comfort . I am so humble and immensely grateful that I am allowed to be a contributor through my art.

My heart is burning for so many things, to give something to anyone who needs it the most. I contribute locally, in close surroundings, but also in international areas. I believe we are all equally important, no matter where we come from and what color we have. “Everybody is important”, there was a very good friend and teacher who said to me once, and that is so true. On this “Charity” tab, I post projects that are close to my heart, projects that I am supporting in different ways.

Some years ago (Christmas Eve 2009), my sister and I lost our dear mother who died of cancer, and my dad lost his beloved wife and companion for 45 years. The cancer case is something me and my family are very concerned about and we had a strong desire to support the research work by giving money to the Cancer Society. An idea was born, by my father, an idea of collecting money by organizing a concert, a concert where all profits would go to the Cancer Project. And thus a family project was underway. The concert was held on April 15, 2015, in Inderøy Kulturhus. A concert with great success that filled the main hall of the cultural center. It was a memorable evening, in our mother’s spirit.

AUCTION – income goes to the Cancer Society
All of us may know someone who have cancer or may have lost some of their loved ones in cancer. The importance of supporting cancer research is as important as ever. In April 2015, I chose to support the Cancer Society by auctioning one of my paintings, a painting made for the occasion.
The painting’s title: “Nærhet”, 70x70cm.
All income went entirely to the Cancer Society.

NB! I have made some Giclèe prints of this painting. Limited edition.
You find it here…..

For me it is very important to “give back”, in this connection I now and then donates gifts / art to various occasions and selected organizations. “All contributions counts, big and small.” Unfortunately, I can’t say yes to everything, but I do choose from time to time. Here are some of the organizations that have received some of my donations:

2018 Church City Mission – numbered Giclèe print “Orange” + art scarf
2018 “Gjengen I ryggen” – numbered Giclèe print “Longing for happiness”
2018 Lade Church – “Spirit” art scarf
2017 RIL Football Club – numbered Giclèe print «The way up»
2016 Veterans Help Veterans – numbered Giclèe print “Never let go”
2015 Myself, in collaboration with my father and sister, arranged a big concert in Inderøy Kulturhus. Here also a painting “Nærhet”, size 70x70cm, was auctioned. All income went entirely to the Cancer Society.

Poems / art book “En utstrakt hånd”. I have been fortunate to be able to illustrate a very nice book of poems with many of my paintings. The book contains 92 beautiful poems. Thoughts and impressions are reflected in several of the poems, as well as humor and joy. Nature experiences are described in different contexts. Human thoughts, joy and emotion have also been included in the book. For more information or if you want to buy the book, click here.